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STEP Project

On the 27th of October, the first activity of the STEP project was done at the Cagla Kubat Windsurf Academy to help raise environmental awareness, showcase the environmental problems we face, and specifically show some of the clean energy options that are currently available in Turkey.

With the collaboration of students from Istanbul Technical University (ITU) and the Cagla Kubat Windsurf Academy, this social responsibility project aims to raise awareness about some of the serious environmental issues that Turkey is facing today. By creating programs to help educate and raise awareness to the younger generations and highlight some of the existing solutions, STEP hopes to inspire young children to become aware and ultimately help look at the world from a greener perspective hopefully sparking the imaginations of the following generations to find better solutions for a cleaner world.

On this day, 30 elementary and high school students met at the Cagla Kubat Windsurf Academy in Alacati. They first enjoyed an open air yoga session overlooking the beautiful bay of Alacati. Next they were introduced to the sport of windsurfing with the specific aim of putting the students in direct contact with nature. Afterwards they helped with a beach cleanup and then help put together a wave model made from plastic bottles that represented the garbage in our seas. Finally, the students of ITU set up work stations where they explained to the younger students the different types of alternative green energies that are available in Turkey and allowed them to build their own simple models.

By creating these hands on workshops and putting the students in a healthy, natural environment, STEP is hoping to do its’ part in raising awareness and inspiring solutions that will make this a better world to live in.